Hi, I'm Rachel Van't Land


I’m the founder and chief storyteller at Suncatcher Copy. I credit my New Mexico upbringing for my love of all things sunny and bright. Hence the name Suncatcher Copy.


Suncatcher also reflects my passion for helping socially-conscious companies illuminate what's at the heart of their work, articulate it clearly, and use storytelling to connect with customers who share their vision for doing good in the world. 


I started Suncatcher Copy after hitting an emotional low in my corporate career. Despite learning productivity hacks and reading inspirational books on my commute, I was struggling through my work days. I dragged myself to my desk every morning and dutifully carried out the day's tasks, but underneath it all I wondered "What's the point?" I didn't feel connected to a larger purpose beyond meeting deadlines, hitting numbers, and helping the company make money. I started volunteering on the side hoping that would alleviate the doldrums, but it didn't solve my Monday-Friday, 9-5 problem. If I was going to be all in, I needed to know that my effort was going to have a bigger impact and do some good in the world.


That became my passion and it's at the core of my work today. I believe that doing good and doing well can co-exist. I bring that perspective to your business and my own, drawing from more than 15 years of developing messaging, planning content, creating campaign concepts, and writing copy for major tech and retail brands as well as nonprofits. I aim to bring everything I've learned from the private sector to help organizations share their mission and amplify their impact. 


Want to see some of my recent work? View my portfolio here or visit my blog to read about the process and some things I've learned on larger projects. 

If you’d like to chat about your mission and how you can share it more broadly, let's connect.